Privacy Policy

International Pronouns Day is an independent, grassroots project led by a volunteer organizing committee of various individuals.

Through our optional registration form and other surveys, we are collecting data in order to contact you in the future with updates about this campaign, or, in the case of your organization's endorsement, to publicly showcase your organization's endorsement of this project (including name/website/logo of your organization, if provided). You are not required to fill out any of these requests for data. This information is collected through your consent to fill out our forms or surveys.

We may also aggregate data that does not expose the specific identities of individuals to discuss the project (e.g. how many people have registered, the kinds of organizations registrants are coming from).

The only required form field in order to receive informational updates is an email address. You can also use a pseudonym if you wish to fill out the name fields but not provide your legal name or the name you typically go by. Please do not share data with us if you do not want us to use it in contacting you.

Additional data fields may be helpful in the future to help customize responses or to be able to contact you via various means (e.g. we do not currently have the means to mail physical materials, but collecting addresses will help us in the future should we have those means). These data will be stored indefinitely, unless you request for your data to be removed (please email to contact us).

These data may be shared with third parties in order to store the data or to use the data (e.g. stored in a Google spreadsheet, uploaded to MailChimp or other services that allow us to generate email lists or invite you to follow our social media presence, etc.).

While our intention is not to expose your private information to the general public (except for the names/websites/logos of endorsing organizations, if provided), we can not guarantee that our data will not be breached or accidentally shared. Thus, knowing the perils that particularly can face sex/gender/sexual minorities and their allies, we recommend that if you fear any danger from a potential data breach that you either only share an email address (potentially creating an email account name that does not expose your identity) or that you simply do not fill out our forms or surveys.

We intend to share lots of information through our website and social media accounts, and regularly checking back for updates in those spaces may be a sufficient means for keeping up to date on the project.

If you have any questions or complaints on the data about you, or if you would like us to remove or modify data about you or your organization, please email us at Please note that because of the volunteer-driven nature of this project that it may take some time to respond to emails and requests.