This page has ideas you can utilize in developing your local activities. If you register, we will be able to send you the occasional update!

If you’re organizing for this campaign in your area, you can also find materials in our resources folder.

Please note that some activities will work better in certain contexts than others. We encourage you to choose activities that work best for your context. You can also come up with your own ideas and work with others in your local area to develop grassroots activities that will work best for your communities. If you have created a resource/graphic/activity you want to share back with us to consider putting on this website, please email us at

Examples of ways you can participate:

  • Make a splash in the media and in the community!

    • Use the #PronounsDay hashtag.

    • Post your own pronouns on social media.

    • Create filters or other images you can encourage people to post on the day.

    • Set up a table and photo booth in a medium/high traffic area and encourage people to take a picture and hold up their written pronouns. Share on social media with expressed permission of individuals.

    • Invite members of the community to individually share resources and thoughts on social media about the importance of using the correct pronouns for people.

    • Write and send a press release (or request one through your organization), be prepared with talking points, and share with reporters why this day matters for your local communities.

    • Write an op-ed for a local newspaper, publication, or blog.

    • Reach out and get on a radio program.

    • Request a Proclamation or statement of support from a local official (e.g. mayor, city or county legislature, student goverment, your organization's President or leader, etc.), which can be shared with media and community members.

    • Outreach to other local organizations to involve them, like your public library, local businesses, etc.

  • Organize an event, workshop, social, or meet n' greet.

    • Hold an event or a meet n’ greet type of event where sharing pronouns during introductions is normalized.

    • This could be as small as just making sure pronouns are a topic during a staff or team meeting on that day. Be prepared to answer questions.

    • Have name tags that include a place for pronouns available at your gathering.

    • Have a button maker available where people can get creative and make their own pronoun buttons.

    • Run a workshop on how to share and ask about pronouns, and how to recover from mistakes. Consider bringing in an expert. Consider watching videos about trans issues and pronouns if you aren't prepared to run a whole workshop.

    • Run a workshop on the ways gender/pronouns show up (or don't!) in a variety of languages (or contexts outside of just English), and how trans/nonbinary folks are making progress in a variety of linguistic practices.

    • Consider having food or refreshments, or make it a brown bag lunch, potluck, or dinner party.

    • Create a photo opportunity where people can gather as a group to visibly show their support (e.g. with signs, t-shirts, etc.). With permission, post the photo on social media and/or invite local media to come for the photo opportunity.

    • Have resources and handouts available at your gathering.

    • Have other materials at your event (such as the ones below).

    • Remember to center the voices of trans folks, including trans folks, women, people of color, etc.

  • Distributing some cool materials that help to educate or raise visibility.

    • Create and distribute pronouns buttons.

    • Create and distribute t-shirts.

    • Create a poster campaign on your campus or at your workplace, with educational messages.

    • Distribute information about pronouns on small cards (e.g. post cards or business cards) with the other materials.

    • Think about having many different distribution points for materials (e.g. buttons, stickers, informational cards) - front desks of various offices and residences, an LGBTQ+ center, libraries, non-profits, various departments of a campus, for large events (including non-LGBTQ events).

  • Organize for good practices for trans inclusion on your campus or at your workplace.

    • Encourage your campus or organization to make pronouns an optional field in student/personnel records.

    • Put your pronouns on your business cards and email signatures, and encourage others to do the same by making it easy for them -- make it a drop-down/fill-in option when requesting business cards, for example.

    • Put your pronouns on name badges (e.g. temporary ones for events/conferences, and permanent name badges used for work).

    • Ask for resources to make materials and activities that educate about pronouns something ongoing, not just for International Pronouns Day.

    • Mount a campaign to change a policy or resource in your local context.

Please note that this campaign is volunteer run and does not have funding or physical materials we can provide to you. Thus, we rely on local groups to develop the grassroots actions they want to take that make the most sense for their own locality. Again, if you register, we will be able to send you the occasional update as the materials/resources for the campaign continue to develop.

If you would like to be part of the team that is developing this campaign, you can also email us at